Exploring Price Data Averages

Exploring Price Data Averages

The video pitch is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axy0xrekL5A

This visualization allows the user to explore over 150,000 rows of hospital price data in a simple, straightforward manner. The visualization itself is a bar chart, but the bars can be clicked to be drilled-down into, and the user can explore data for any state, city and provider in the data set. The data used was the inpatient data, and the dollar values are the average cost per discharge. The user can select a single DRG, or see the average across all DRGs. This could be used to see how a state, city, or provider compares to others, either in the context of a single DRG, or generally across all DRGs. With this visualization, I hope to empower people to do research of what would normally be a very hard to comprehend dataset.

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Posted Aug 25, 2013
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Tags Hospital Price Data
Tools d3.js, jquery
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