European Union Gross Domestic Product

European Union Gross Domestic Product

As a follow up to the Gross State Product Map, here is one for the European Union. Like the other, this notes the largest portions of the EU economy and the highest and lowest per capita incomes, but also notes the percentage of debts as well as the economies of the candidate and neighboring non-EU nations.

Note, of course, the EU’s slightly larger economy to the United States, and Germany (unsurprisingly) as the largest portion of the economy, passing the UK and France and altogether comprising roughly half of the entire economy.

As for why the hexagrams instead of circles? Why not, yes? Perhaps I could say something intrinsically Utah like a honeycomb denotes industry, or I could also just say that more complex shapes would be a jumble and it’s good to bypass the circles today.

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Posted Aug 13, 2013
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