The Erasmus Network

The Erasmus Network

Erasmus – the European Union student exchange program consists of over 2.900 universities, connected with over 90.000 partnerships to each other. Each year more than 75.000 students participate in the program to be part of the "European success story", making it "one of the most important factors of European identity" (Dr. Symmank, DAAD).
Due to its recent 25th anniversary and the introduction of the new program Erasmus+ in 2014, Christian Gross and Sebastian Sadowski visualized the network and asked for the reason of the success.

The map visualizes all institutes participating in the program and the Top 100 students receiving and sending universities.
The second information visualization asks on a country level for the reasons to go abroad. In comparison to one country, the average temperature, Consumer Price Index (CPI) and distance to the home country is visualized.

The data on the map was visualized with Google Maps with the help of a customized clustering technique and redrawing canvas fields as markers.

The project was part of a project week about "Visual Complexity" at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam developed by Christian Gross and Sebastian Sadowski.

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