epSpread - Storyboarding for Visual Analytics

epSpread - Storyboarding for Visual Analytics

For Bangor University's entry to the VAST Challenge 2011, we built a tool to let us analyse the provided data - in this case, microblogging (twitter-like) messages together with geographical location. Our task was to identify the origin and analyse the spread of an epidemic across the fictional city of Vastopolis.

Our tool allowed us to first look at individual time ranges and consider factors such as weather, word occurrence and geographic spread, and then to combine these snapshots into a timeline to help us understand the underlying narrative of the scenario.

Full source (GPL-licensed) is available at https://github.com/RickWalker/epSpread and the accompanying database file from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26547095/VAST2011_MC1.sqlite.zip

The full author list for this project is Llyr ap Cenydd, Rick Walker, Serban Pop, Helen Miles, Chris Hughes, William Teahan and Jonathan C. Roberts, all from Bangor University.

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Posted Oct 9, 2011
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Tags epidemic spread, geovisualization, heatmap
Tools Processing, sqlite
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