E-cube-librium is the new interactive tool for visualizing and solving imbalanced world development. By configuring social, economic, and environmental data in terms of a "Rubik's" analogy, the cube represents a country's growth. The 3D extrusions on each cube face is a sustainability indicator, showing volumes where data increases or decreases. We are able to quickly draw connections and visually identify how each factor affect the equilibrium of the entire system. In general, outward protrusions are positive indicators of growth, and vice versa.

The world database allows us to compare countries to one another and how each country's balance changes over time.

With the ECUBE system, we can begin to understand the where the imbalanced sectors are and start to rotate the puzzle with the goal to solve for more evenly growing cubes.

*Note: Please click image to launch. E-Cube-Librium is a database Website and Animation project.

Created By: Damon Lau, Cheng Hsin Lee, Rebecca Marriott, Kimberly V. Nguyen

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*Note: Please click on link to launch. E-Cube-Librium is a database Website and Animation project.

Posted Nov 6, 2011
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