Doctor Who Time Travel History

Doctor Who Time Travel History

Yes, enjoying all the hype myself for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Accordingly, posting an animated graphic—after two last spring—visualizing the travels through time per story over the span of the program.

The turquoise ring spans time from the Big Bang in “Castrovalva” through the heat death of the universe in “Utopia”. Time is measured out logarithmically centering on 2000 AD, so as to afford more visual space to contemporary times. Outside of the wheel of time are the stories, seasons, and Doctors queuing up at top as the animation plays through, calling out the current story with it’s known time stamps. The dates display darker for times pictured but not active in the episode, blue for parallel universes, and red for negated timelines. The journey through time traces in red, with main stories taking place in the TARDIS/Time Vortex in the center and unspecified dates (of which there are many) at the left offset pinwheel with Gallifreyan timelines at the right.

While the design and animation are mine, I can’t claim credit for the music. Whovians might recognize the track as “The Mad Man with a Box”—one of my favorites, and apt for the graphic.

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Posted Nov 24, 2013
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