The Data Centric Universe

The Data Centric Universe

This visualization shows a map of the known universe. All the astronomical objects have been projected to a plane, and a logarithmic scale has been used to show both objects nearby, like our own solar system, as well as objects lightyears away, like quasars and galaxies.

This image was published in Popular Science in November 2011, and has a companion image, which shows the known universe until 1950. Since 1950 modern telescopes have been used and during the last 50 years, astronomers have been able to discover 93% of all that is known until today. Popular Science also published an interactive iPad version which allows users to zoom in on the map.

Ars Electronica submission description: This project contributes to the understanding of the big picture by showing every known object in the universe. It also clearly shows two gaps, which are areas scientist cannot measure, as our own galaxy is too bright at these areas. By using distinguishable colors, one is able to clearly see the different astronomical objects:
red: quasars
yellow: galaxies
pink: nebulae
blue: stars
light green: extrasolar planets
white: comets
darker green: minor planets

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Posted Jul 31, 2012
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