Data & Big Data : Data Correlation

Data & Big Data : Data Correlation

Correlating data to me means making sense of two data sets at the same time, and understanding the

dynamics between the two sets. For this assignment I am exploring the trends in the emerging fields of

“Data & Big Data”. I will be using Article Search from the New York Times API and looking for the words

‘Data’ and a subset of it ‘Big Data’. In the Seattle Public Library, I will be searching for books with the titles

containing the words ‘Data’ & ‘Big Data’. Very interesting trends and patterns emerge.

I will be looking into data from (2011-2013): a 3-year period.


I am going for a Swiss poster design style: featuring bold fonts and a minimalistic design. I am using negative

spaces that complement each other, similar to yin and yang. As the ‘big data’ is a subset of ‘data’ I am using

the same space to represent the two data sets. . Data is arranged vertically (like a time line) instead of

the usual horizontal flow. I will be using a combination of simple bars & lines for the project. The mouse

position will highlight the number of books/ articles that the bar represents for both SPL & NYT.

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Posted Aug 2, 2014
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