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We aspired to create a visualization to answer the pivotal question - How do we find ‘best of breed’–high quality yet affordable care in our community using cost, quality, and patient satisfaction data? To address this and other related questions, we developed the CrystalCare visualization by mashing together data from 10 data sources, including the Inpatient/Outpatient chargemaster. The dashboards automatically detect the user’s location on any device (smartphone, tablet, or PC) and display relevant data analytics relative to that location. The dashboards are:
• Care Finder: depicts hospitals as color-coded bubbles on a map while highlighting cost variances in the context of quality using Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (HVBP) star rating. We feel that allowing consumers to compare hospitals based on cost and quality will ultimately foster healthy competition among hospitals and improve quality of affordable care.
• Clinical Process Indicator: allows consumers to compare hospitals’ clinical performance on various metrics including 30-day mortality, readmission rates etc.
• Patient Experience Indicator: provides ratings on communication, cleanliness etc.
• Hospital Costs Dashboard: encourages discernment of cost variance across regions and markets using heat maps with drill downs from State to Hospital Referral Regions (HRR), Zip codes and communities.
• Medicare Costs Dashboard: provides insight into payment variance across states using heat maps, packed bubbles, top spend treatments, incidence of treatments, and cost. In identifying top spend areas of services, organizations can target cost control measures such as wellness programs to these areas to make them more effective and improve health of the public.

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