Creation of the World

Creation of the World

The project is a visualization of the World Creation myths, born in different cultures all over the world.

The core of the project is a map, which allows to trace similarities between different cultures as well as follow the world creation process within a single culture. You can also develop your own myth by switching to another route in the points of intersection.

These six myths were selected from more than two dozens to express the diversity in the ways and means needed to create human race. Christian story is taken as a reference point, because most people are generally familiar with it. The current selection of myths could be divided into three groups by the “source materials” for creation: Chaos (Shamans, Mande), World Parent (Ancient Greeks, Babylonians) and Ex Nihilo (Christians, Maya).

So, let the stories be told…

Authors: Alexander Sukhotin, Natalia Dynnikova
Course: “Weltbilder” by Moritz Stefaner
Hochschule fĂĽr KĂĽnste Bremen, Wintersemester 2012/13

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Posted Apr 9, 2013
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