Cosinor model for systolic blood pressure

Cosinor model for systolic blood pressure

A primary risk factor for adverse cardiovascular events is elevated arterial blood pressure. This is the main reason why regulatory authorities require 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurements (ABPM) to be included in any New Drug Application submission.
Studying blood pressure (BP) is not an easy task as both circadian and inter-subject variability have to be accounted for, when analyzing this type of data, to extract a clinical meaningful ‘signal’ from the noise.

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The concepts of circadian rhythm and inter-subject variability are introduced in the first two panels before moving to the core topic of BP statistical modeling. The third panel presents the data and models, while the fourth panel gives you the possibility to experiment the effect of changing dose on the SBP response. In the last panel we discuss the value of radial vs. Cartesian display with circadian data.

Posted Nov 18, 2013
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