ConnectiCity and the Atlas of Rome

ConnectiCity and the Atlas of Rome

ConnectiCity transforms the architectonic surfaces of cities into a new layer of reality built through communication, information and the visions of people. Launched for the first time in Rome, at the Festa dell’Architettura organized by the city administration and the Order of the Architects under the form of the “Atlante di Roma”, ConnectiCity has been implemented in multiple versions. Each version allowed for the transformation of the architectural surfaces of the city into a digital conversation sphere. Information gathered in real time from social networks, databases of the visions of citizens on the city, instant visualizations of data regarding the city, its energetic, transport, social profiles. The city narrates other stories found in data, in the interconnections of people, their dreams and possibilistic perception of the place they live in, and in the life of the city itself, as gathered from sensors and systems.

ConnectiCity fosters a new way to percieve the city, including new kinds of citizenship: more informed, active and participatory.

The instances of this project have been widely appreciated by researchers, artists and public administrations, and are currently featured in scientific papers and artistic festivals.

[ ConnectiCity at AOS ]

[ ConnectiCity at FakePress ]

[ the Atlas of Rome at AOS ]

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Posted Apr 25, 2011
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