Compass RBP Demo

Compass RBP Demo
Password: CompassHADemo

The Compass Healthcare Advisers visualization shows our Reference Based Price tool in action with the application of a data set from Humana in Kentucky.

This data set contains 99 procedures and the actual prices at Kentucky-area facilities for those procedures.

The demonstration shows how simple the tool is to use as well as how organized the data is for presentation.

Once the user is logged in, they are able to select a procedure on the drop down menu, enter a price and generate the list of facilities on the Google Map. Facilities are shown as green or red pin points depending on whether or not the procedure cost is less than the price entered. The user can increase or decrease the price by using the arrows or by entering a new price and once again generating the list.

Details such as providers above or below the selected price and cases above or below the selected price are given below the reference price text box.

Users can find details of facilities by clicking on a pin point and looking at the bottom of the screen for information.

Users may also toggle between Map and Graph view to see how many facilities are contained within the cost range selected.

At any point, a user can select another procedure or enter a different price amount to investigate more of the data.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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