Comparing Hospitals on Charges and Quality

Comparing Hospitals on Charges and Quality

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This visualization allows consumers to compare hospitals based on patient satisfaction ratings, charges for healthcare services, and on location or distance to hospitals. A map is provided to allow consumers to compare hospital charges and quality scores while determining which hospitals are close enough to go to for care. For less time sensitive healthcare issues, patients can assess how far they would be willing to travel for more economical care or better quality care, or both. A table is also available to consumers to see a listing of hospitals side by side, with information on charges, patient satisfaction scores, and number of visits to determine which hospital is the best choice for them. The table is sortable to be able to compare hospitals on the available data. The graphic is dynamic and can be filtered for available data on top Inpatient or Outpatient procedures, and step by step instructions and detail about the data used are all included in the visualization. Using industry knowledge and additional data about hospital demographics, we were able to bring as much information to the consumer as possible all in one place. The visual allows consumers to view phone numbers and addresses for hospitals as well for quick access to more information directly from the hospital.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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Tags Healthcare Access, Quality, and Cost
Tools Microsoft Access database 2010, Microsoft excel, Tableau Public
Hospital Zip codes and Counties
Hospital demographic info (Address, phone number, etc)
Patient Satisfaction Scores from CMS's Hospital Compare Database
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