1- The in/outpatient data is shown in an interactive chart with the % above/below the National Average Price charged for each provider and each procedure. User can filter to any procedure, or state, or even compare providers in a visual format.
2- Lower part of the chart shows the Quality of Care surveys as provided by the Hospital Compare database, we tied the data to the data from part #1 to show a correlation between the price charged to the quality of care received. The graphs show that higher prices do not necessarily mean better care.
3- The middle part of the video shows the additional data we will collect from the user based on the bills they receive from their care providers, to create our own cost of care database. We want to find out if the discrepancy is based on location, insurance coverage, race, gender, income…..
4- The last part of the video shows one of several interactive charts, this one happens to show the relationship between the price of care and the type of insurance coverage a patient has.
Our aim is to provide patients and employers the means to see the effects of numerous variables on the price of their care. We want them to decide which plan or hospital better serves their needs. We want to know if race, ethnicity, age, gender, insurance, income, location and other variables have an effect on the price charged for our care.




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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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