Co-publishing networks in Austrian Development Studies scene

Co-publishing networks in Austrian Development Studies scene

During recent years researchers used co-publishing networks evermore to examine scientific disciplines. In our just recently published (German) publication on the Austrian development studies scene ( we used co-publication networks to research inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration.

This webtool makes it possible to easily examine the data generated throughout the research project. Every network starts with the search for an author or a tag-word (unfortunately all of them are only available in German). If you search for a tag you will get a list of authors who published articles/books tagged accordingly. A click on the name of an author will bring up an ego-network showing who he/she published with. Additionally the colors of the nodes visualize their institutional affiliations. If you click on another node in the network the corresponding connections and nodes are added to the network. More complex networks can easily be explored by hoovering over nodes: not directly connected nodes are blurred.

The tool is based on data from the OBV-catalogue (catalogue of the association of Austrian libraries). The study was jointly conducted by KEF and OEFSE.

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Posted Dec 4, 2012
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