ChronoZoom Hierarchical Time Tree

ChronoZoom Hierarchical Time Tree

Explore the ChronoZoom data in a novel visualisation: a crossover between a visual timeline and a collapsible tree.

Timelines can be expanded and collapsed, while their titles remain readable at all zoom levels. Exhibits – curated collections of information placed in the timelines – are viewed in a designated viewer without having to zoom into the main timelines.

Click the timelines to expand and/or focus on the selected timeline.
Drag and scroll to pan and zoom the layout.

Read more about the project here.

The compact layout allows one to get a sense of the dataset as a whole as well as exploring individual timelines and comparing events across time.

Known issues:
- Visualisation currently struggles with rendering elements at deep zoom levels


Parts of the code are based on Mike Bostock's example of a collapsible tree found here:

The background image is "Star Scape" by Gord Spence from (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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Hi KrΓ€utli! Congratulations!

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Awesome interaction!

Posted Jan 2, 2014
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