Chandra Sky Map: Visualizing the X-ray Universe

Chandra Sky Map: Visualizing the X-ray Universe

This visualization is an all sky map of all Chandra press releases in their location on the sky color coded by category and sized according to distance with the larger circles being closer to us (within the Milky Way). This amounts to 416 individual points spanning 14 years, and is instantly updated as new press releases are published.

As you mouse over the data points, you'll notice that the point directly under the cursor highlights and an information window pops up with a synopsis of the press release for that object. The data point is also a link to the Photo Album web page for that press release -- click to go there. You can zoom in very deep and pan around the map to uncover the most clustered data points.

At the bottom is a control panel which allows you to customize the map through various data filters as well as re-project the map between Galactic and Equatorial coordinate systems. Most of the text at the bottom is a link to more information about that topic.

The default view is "everything on" - but you can use the check boxes to filter based on categories and/or distance and at the bottom, you can click and drag to create a box which filters the data based on the release date of the press release. You can size the time filter however you like, and pan it around the time line and watch data points pop into and out of the map.

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Posted Oct 3, 2013
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