Cerchi Concentrici

Cerchi Concentrici

Graph represents, in Kant's practical work, on one hand the occurrence of words that suggest Kant's interest for the Scriptures, and on the other, Kant's specific references.
The works taken into consideration are the main works of practical philosophy, politics and philosophy of religion, in order to show the deep-rooted need for self-comparison with the Sacred Books in Kant's moral philosophy. In the outer orbit we find Kantian references divided according to the book to which they belong in order to point out Kant's actual preferences in Bible reading.
The final aim of this graph is to provide a synoptic view of the attention that Kant has proved to have for specific steps of the Sacred Scriptures. Since it has been acknowledged that Kant had an ongoing confrontation with the Bible, in fact, it could be of great utility to be able to refer to a mathematical date to show the actual preference in the Kantian reading of the Bible.
As for the graphic design, it should be noted that the size of each epicycle is directly proportional to the number of occurrences of the world.

Data visualization: Valerio Pellegrini (DensityDesign)
Philosophical Historiography: Luca Valzesi

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Posted Jun 6, 2013
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Tags data visualization, digital humanities, Kant, philosophical historiography, Philosophy
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