A Brief History of Pallet Racks

A Brief History of Pallet Racks

If you’ve been thinking of investing in a pallet rack for your business or establishment, then you’re far from alone. Pallet Racks have evolved over the last 105 years and have become the best way to protect, preserve, and strengthen items of all types for many years to come.

This useful infographic presents you with a crash course on pallet racks. Learn about the assembly procedures for installing pallet racks, as well as safety precautions when working with uprights. Know in advance which features to ask about when installing a used pallet rack and even get handy suggestions on pallet dimensions for the different industries. You’ll be surprised at how easy installing a pallet rack becomes with a little know-how in your corner.

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David K Schneider's picture

Sadly, enough of the material in the graphic is wrong to undermine the quality of the graphic. The dates are wrong, as is the information about anchors, and the assembly process, and the permitting process, and the engineering, etc.