A critical datavisualisation based on the world survey's questions "Would xou pay higher taxes, if it would improve the environment directly" and "Do you want your government to invest in environmental protection".

Balance deals with the contradiction of demand and the willingness to invest some of your own potential effort. As long as both factors stay in an equal state the balance is given, in case of domination of one it tilts toward one side. Both groups are represented by a quarter, their specific radius reflects the specific percentage of people who are willing to invest and who demand improvement.

Ideally both quarters share the same size, balanced by itself. But more usually it tends to tilt either to the right or left, depending on the countries state of mind. Starting from the same line, the countries head either towards the edge or the safety of the wall.

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Posted Feb 13, 2013
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Tags critical design, data visualisation, object, physical, physical data visualization, royal college of art, Royal College of Art London, shape
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