2010 Global Migration - Double Paper Pie Chart

2010 Global Migration - Double Paper Pie Chart

An interactive paper pie chart / accordion about The 2010 Global Emigration and Immigration.
Use the sliders to explore. Please go to the end of the sliders (when you see the >> go ahead and explore further), or go to the end to exit and be able to explore another slider.
The chart presents the top 30 emigration countries by the number of people, and the top 30 immigration countries. All the other countries are grouped by geographical regions.

View making of images: http://www.ixycreativity.ro/blog/2010-global-migration-double-paper-pie-...

Scale: Any side of every fold means 2 million people.
The lines connecting a country/region to another mean there were more than 10000 people migrating. Their thickness of the lines shows approximately how many they were.

The chart, besides exploring the global migration, is, for me, a design exploration of how information can flow from one type of graphic to another, from a flow diagram into 2 pie charts. To illustrate this I chose to make it via traditional media (painted paper), in order to show how easy or natural, the information can flow.

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