100 Years of Shark Attacks

100 Years of Shark Attacks

Every once in a while you come across a data source that you can't believe nobody has tapped yet. So it was with shark attacks. Every known shark attack by occupation of the attacked, location, gender, age, and part of the body lost or damaged. It cried out for visual representation. A little macabre perhaps, but it was generally well received and we received a couple of emails from people who recognized themselves as the victims who survived. Created mainly as a newspaper print graphic - it appeared over two pages timed for spring break last year. We retooled it into a vertical scroll for the web here.


Personally I prefer the newspaper spread in which you can clearly see the growth of surfing, attacks on women and increased survival as emergency medicine improved.

Three artists over a couple of weeks.


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Posted Mar 3, 2013
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Tags sharks
Tools Adobe Illustrator CS3
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