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Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

New York, NY, United States

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Michael Thompson helps governments, executives and policy makers translate complicated data and information into effective messages and visuals. Michael is the founder of Accelerator, a data visualization studio. Michael helps clients organize information and design communications. His experience includes: - web, print, and transmedia graphical representations of data, including: o Information graphics explaining how systems and processes work o Timelines that organize and make sense of economic, political or social trends o Network diagrams that explain relationships between people, organizations or systems o Classification systems that use taxonomies and iconography to help audiences better understand and use information o Time-series and other animations - Translating business objectives and audience requirements into data and software requirements for technology projects that support information displays - Helping executives and leaders in large organizations campaign for and achieve major changes in their culture and process


information and graphic design, artwork and creative coding, data science and statistics, data journalism, policy and advocacy, visualization and design criticism


Georgetown University, B.S.
Columbia University, MBA

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