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Brendan Griffen

Brendan Griffen

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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I am a PhD student in the field of computational astrophysics trying to understand the way dense star clusters formed in the early Universe. By using supercomputers, vast volumes of the Universe can be simulated in reasonable time frames which enables researchers in my field understand the building blocks of the cosmos. In November this year, I will be taking up a postdoctoral position at MIT (Boston, MA) to continue my research with a specific focus on the origin of our Milky Way galaxy via new state-of-the-art cosmological simulations. More recently, I have become increasingly more interested in the visualisation of semantic information freely available on the web. I use a variety of software packages to decode the vast quantity of data on the internet to create graphs for both entertaining and informative purposes. Some of my previous works include graphs of sports, human diseases, movies and programming languages. My main goal is to stir people into thinking more creatively about the knowledge they access and use every day.


programming, data science and statistics


Bachelor of Science in physics and mathematics (2004-2006).
Bachelor of Science with Honours in astrophysics (2007).
PhD in computational astrophysics 2008-present.

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