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Stuttgart, BW, Germany
I am an interdisciplinary social scientist with a focus on computational social sciences. For my thesis I developed a statistical procedure to estimate the neighborhood structure of urban subpopulations based on urban infrastructures. I used these results to find the neighborhood structures in any given German city. The results are applicable for different fields, such as urban development and crisis communication, as well as for improving search results in real estate and relocation websites. In addition to data analysis I have an interest in data visualization and mapping to give deeper insight and understanding of the data we analyze. This is especially the case when we try to analyze complex systems such as urban areas. Here there are not only a few factors involved, but many. Data visualization and mapping helps in such cases to make the data easily approachable for everyone. To analyze and visualize data, I frequently use R and Python. I also like to work in transdiciplinary teams, which provide the opportunity for collaboration, sharing knowledge and ideas, and learning to see things from different perspectives. I currently work as a research scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart, Germany, where I work in the field of urban development, complex data analysis, and civil security. One of my current projects is the Morgenstadt (Future City) project, where we investigate six international cities to gain a clearer picture of how they work. We discover which key factors lead to program success and how they work together to create a sustainable city. For more information about me or my research projects please visit my website


information and graphic design, programming, data science and statistics, open data


Computational Social Scientist

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