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Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker

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Chris Walker
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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My name is Chris Walker, and I’m deeply interested in data analytics and visualization. I spent the last three years implementing massive-scale analytics software for Palantir Technologies, working primarily with large financial institutions to identify complex fraud and money-laundering activity. Before that I analyzed financial and economic data as a litigation consultant. I’ve seen data analysis done in diverse contexts, in large and small organizations, and in the public and private sectors. One truth of meaningful data analysis has always struck me: the hard part is in interpretation and determining what is relevant. This is the part that computers are terrible at and the part that people will always be necessary for. Storytelling, be it with words or with numbers, is a uniquely human activity. My goal is to use data visualizations to add insight to important issues in the news, by sifting and crunching through the oceans of data publicly available online, and then distilling the data down to relevant facts. The data we need to better understand the world already exists, and I’d like my work to present the data in relevant and accessible ways.


interactive design, programming, data journalism


Stanford University

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