Visualizing Online Takedown Requests Challenge Winners

Visualizing Online Takedown Requests Challenge Winners

In our latest challenge, designers and creative coders visualized Google's Transparency Report with the aim of adding context or insight to our understanding of the openness of the internet. In the report, Google discloses the number of requests received from copyright owners and governments to remove information from their services. Of the fantastic projects that were submitted — check them all out in our gallery — judges selected projects that best made sense of the complexity of the data, offered innovation in approach and design, and compelled us to explore more. 

Congratulations to Frontwise with their winning project Google Online Takedown Requests Browser. Judges appreciated its beautiful design and the ample functionality to discover patterns and trends, including filters by dataset, time period, copyright owner, and target domains. Additionally, the organization by time and volume and distribution between an outer ring and inner ring of the monthly overview of requests and targeted domains or products presented the data neatly and effectively.

Simon Schulz is awarded 2nd place for Country Based Google Transparency Report. As the only project to offer a detailed breakdown of the data by country rather than a more summarizing approach, judges felt the project provided an important point of view, one that could be a nice complement to the Transparency Report itself. 

Prism by Felix Gonda takes 3rd place for its organization — breaking down the volume of the data by country of origin, reason of request, and Google's products — and fluid interactivity that allowed easy exploration and comparison. Judges also noted its polish and creative solution. 

Frontwise, Simon, and Felix will receive $3250, $1250, and $500 respectively for their great work. Thank you to Google, our jurors, and all participants! 

Want to try your hand at another project? Take a look at our Visualizing Hospital Price Data challenge, offering $30,000 in prizes. We look forward to seeing your work! 

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