Visualizing Meteorites Challenge Winners

Visualizing Meteorites Challenge Winners

We received an impressive 32 submissions tackling data from the Meteoritical Society on all recorded meteorites that have collided with Earth as far back as 2500 BCE. The submissions incorporated 3D globes, detailed maps and animated timelines, and managed to create projects that were fun and insightful.


We are pleased to announce Macrometeorites as the winning project of the Visualizing Meteorites Challenge. Congratulations to creator Roxana Torre for her brilliant project! The position of first runner-up goes to the vibrant Bolides by Carlo Zapponi, and the position of second runner-up goes to Alexandra Muresan's rock solid project Facts about Meteorites, Illustrated by Meteorites. Roxana, Carlo, and Alexandra will each receive $3750, $500, and $250 respectively for their projects.

Macrometeorites excelled for the context it brings to meteorites. Its sophisticated filtering allows for a comprehensive exploration of meteorites, which is nicely complemented by humanizing narrative information about famous meteorites on hovering and direct links back to the Meteoritical Society's database. 

Bolides stood out for its visual elegance, clever beginning animation, and smooth interactive interface, which contribute to the project’s appeal for a wide audience.

Using a more educational approach, Facts about Meteorites, Illustrated by Meteorites succeeded in its ability to actively engage the user, with pictures of meteorites and their patterns for example, which encourage learning and exploration.

The following projects were recognized as honorable mentions for visual appeal, creativity, or the offering of a unique perspective.  

The Meteorite Hunt by Christian Gross
Meteorites, 1900-2000 by Kim Albrecht
Meteorite Falls, 1900-2013 by Jonathan Hull
Meteorites: 100 Years of Falling to Earth by Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez
Fireball from Outer Space by Sebastian Sadowski

Thank you to FreeStructure, the Meteoritical Society, and all of our jurors. And a huge thank you also to all participants.

Want to try your hand at another project? Take a look at our Visualizing Online Takedown Requests Challenge. It uses data from Google's Transparency Report and offers $5000 in prizes. We look forward to seeing your work! 



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