Visualizing Health Disparities

Visualizing Health Disparities

The winner of the RCMI Data Visualization Challenge on Health Disparity is:
Isao Matsunami

Unequal Pair of Dice

An Honorable Mention goes to:
Florian Kraeutli

Visualizing Differences in Healthcare

Challenged with the task of breaking down the important yet often overlooked issue of health disparities, the community designed and delivered some truly impressive and informative data visualizations. These visualizations focused on the gaps in health and healthcare within priority populations – those with unique healthcare needs or issues that require special attention. In collaboration with RCMI, the challenge was designed to help identify the groups in greatest need.

Isao Matsunami’s Unequal Pair of Dice took the win as it was presented as a data-heavy yet informative, interactive, and innovative visualization. An honorable mention goes to Florian Kraeutli’s Visualizing Difference in Healthcare for its clarity and interaction design.

Congratulations to the winners and to all those that participated – the Jury was certainly impressed with your work!

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Congratulations! They did this so well. - Dony McGuire