New Ways to Explore

New Ways to Explore

Today we're introducing a new Explore page on Visualizing, which will improve your browsing of our catalog of user-uploaded projects. We've got a brand new way for you to search the visualizations: by their form. Recently, we've been conducting research and discussion on how best to describe data visualization and information graphics for a mass audience. Now we're piloting the first version of our taxonomy on the "Forms" tab of the Explore page. Filter by "Network," for instance, to see how the community is visualizing interconnections. Or select "Map" to see innovations in geographic visualization. We're still refining this feature, and the extensive archive of projects on Visualizing isn't entirely categorized yet, but it already offers a useful new way to explore and understand the cutting-edge of visualization work.

The new Explore page also includes a number of usability and performance improvements. The AJAX-based data flow is much faster and more responsive to your searches, and the search you build will be saved as a cookie so you won't have to build it again when you return to the page. Now you can also filter by the tools used in creating visualizations, to see new work built with the likes of d3.js and Processing, Tableau and Java.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or getting in touch directly.

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