Expert Galleries: Manuel Lima

Expert Galleries: Manuel Lima

We're kicking off our new blog feature Expert Galleries with Manuel Lima, founder of and author of Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information.

In Expert Galleries, we'll ask leaders in the fields of data and design to collect and organize a set of projects around a unifying element of their choosing — topic, tool, workshop, etc. — and to offer some insight into their process and selections. Here, Lima talks about his gallery Urban Patterns.


How and why did you choose the focus of the gallery? In a time where half of the world’s population lives in cities, it is crucial for us to develop a deep understanding of its inner workings. We need to advance a knowledge framework of the various flows and patterns that traverse the urban landscape, from energy usage to transportation, from water distribution to social activities. Cities are the main culprits of many contemporary environmental problems, but they also contain the solution for most of them.

What is your favorite piece in the gallery and why? Even though it is not the most elaborate or well executed project, I find the underlying concept of Thermal and Visual Analysis quite appealing. It’s important for us to think about alternate angles from which to look at cities, and thermal and visibility analysis is an interesting case.

What is one insight you'd like viewers to take away from the gallery? The immensely rich nature of cities and their multivariate patterns.

What is one insight you discovered in making the gallery? I was expecting some centrality around US cities, but I was happily surprised to see quite a diverse range of targeted cities, from Helsinki to Coimbra.

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