Announcing the Visualizing Player 1.0

Announcing the Visualizing Player 1.0

Today we’re very excited to launch the Visualizing Player 1.0, the first-ever media player designed for data visualization and infographics.

We love and respect what you create and we know how much effort goes into each piece (it's why everything that gets uploaded to Visualizing is protected under a CC license). One of our core missions here at Visualizing is to build you the best possible platform and the most powerful tools for sharing those creations. We think the Visualizing Player — built from your feedback — is the best possible way to get your work out across the web. The Visualizing Player is:

  • Portable: Embed and share visualizations with ease
  • Universal: A single frame that supports 7 formats and counting (HTML5, Java, Flash, PDF, Video, Image, URL)
  • Beautiful: Experience visualizations in full screen with viewing tools tailored to your format

Great visualizations of all kinds -- from high-res infographics to interactive HTML5 apps -- deserve stellar representation always. Instead of settling for embedded screenshots or links, as of today people can now easily embed your actual project (under CC license) using the Visualizing Player. This is a first for the field and we hope it helps make including data visualizations in blog posts and articles easier and more satisfying to readers and gets you and your work more attention.

We're already developing new features to make the Visualizing Player even more useful to you so please send us any comments or feedback you might have.

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cecilia's picture

It was so great that they have announced the player through visualization. Great job! - Paramount Song

Edward Lee's picture

Rajeswaran -- The player is a tool for easily displaying, sharing, and embedding your visualization projects. The process of creating an elegant and meaningful visualization for a given data set still requires a lot of hard work by skilled practitioners; we don't believe it can be automated. However, if you have a data set that you'd like to make public through, please get in touch through the contact form.

Rajeswaran V's picture

I have a data set that I want to visualize. How do I use the player to upload this data?

Edward Lee's picture

To use the Player to display your own work, just upload your project to Visualizing.

Jeremy Stucki's picture

Great stuff! I just posted a review on

bferster's picture

Howv does one create files for it?
Is there an API for this yet?