And The Visualizing Marathon 2010 Winner Is...

And The Visualizing Marathon 2010 Winner Is...

2010 Winner: MICA Team #3

One Day Cause + Effect:
A look at energy emissions and water usage over the course of one day.

Submitted by:
Christina Beard, Christopher Clark, Chris McCampbell, Supisa Wattanasansanee

2010 Honorable Mention: SVA Team #1

Pushing the Boundaries:
A Visualization of Our Footprint on Earth

Submitted by:
Clint Beharry, David Bellona, Colleen Miller, Erin Moore, Tina Ye

2010 Honorable Mention: MICA Team #1

What Kind of World Do You Want?:
A visualization of planetary boundaries

Submitted by:
Melissa Barat, Bryan Connor, Ann Liu, Isabel Uria

View all the Visualizing Marathon 2010 entries here!

Twenty teams from 8 different design schools were challenged to visualize the impact of humanity’s footprint on Spaceship Earth at the inaugural Visualizing Marathon: a 24-hour student data visualization competition.

The winning visualization, One Day Cause + Effect, was lauded for its personal narrative and striking design and received the Jury’s top score for ‘understanding’ – the ability to help the reader better understand the impact of humanity’s footprint on Earth. An honorable mention goes to the School of Visual Arts Team #1 for its Pushing the Boundaries visualization that was able to use great interaction design to effectively communicate the impact of humans on our Earth. Another honorable mention was awarded to Maryland College Institute of Art’s Team #3 for its coherent analysis of data and effective storytelling in What Kind of World Do You Want?

Congratulations to the winning team and the winning school - Maryland College Institute of Art! MICA will receive the very first Visualizing Marathon trophy – a data visualization sculpture produced by generative architect Skylar Tibbits. Each member of the winning team will receive a specially engraved iPad. Go team MICA!

Thanks, everyone, for a truly amazing weekend! The Jury was certainly impressed by your work. Here are all 20 submissions (we know you’re itching to see the other teams’ work!) We’ll also be blogging a weekend recap next week (complete with photos and even your own feedback) for those that feel like reminiscing. Here’s to the next Marathon…!

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