Global Marathon 2012: Details & Registration

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Be a part of the Visualizing Global Marathon! The competition is a free event and open to all currently enrolled students (undergraduate or graduate) of all disciplines. To participate, make sure you have a Visualizing account and register for either Virtual Participation or attendance at one of our Meetups.

Never created a data visualization before? No worries! You don't need to be a master programmer or design ninja to compete. The Marathon is a great opportunity to work with others and learn new skills while tackling a complex real world issue. And we're offering over $10,000 in prizes in Interactive and Infographic categories.

Virtual Participation

November 9 - 11

Register by November 7 for Virtual Participation

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Virtual Participants from:
More locations to come!

What will I do?

Most of your time will be spent tackling the challenge and creating your data visualization, either individually or with your team members. We're also organizing some awesome activities — games, student showcases, and workshops — that you can participate in on Visualizing throughout the weekend.

How can I connect?

First, make sure to follow us and join the event on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter for updates and tips to help you prepare. Then, during the event, connect and chat with others (and us!) on Visualizing. You'll also be able to ask questions, watch tutorials and workshops, upload photos and compete for mini-prizes.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for many more answers. For further questions on Virtual Participation, email Alexandra Pappas.


November 9 - 11

Register by November 1 for Meetups

Meetup Locations

Click your city for details. More locations to come!

Want to host your own meetup?

Email us for details.

How will the meetups work?

Visualizing's partner universities, art and technology groups, and others are opening up their spaces for you. Work, interact, and plug-in to the event as it occurs on Visualizing! Attend meetups at the designated locations and during the designated times to experience the event in-person with others. Join in on the rest of the time.

Don't see a meetup you can attend?

Want to participate but don't see a meetup in your city? No problem! Register virtually. If a meetup opens up in your city, we'll let you know. And you can contact us if you're interested in organizing your own meetup.

Can I attend if I don't go to the host school?

Yes! You don't have to be a student at the host school in order to register for a meetup in your city. Network with students from other universities, and form a team with like-minded individuals, if you don't have one already.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for many more answers. For further questions on meetups, email Alexandra Pappas.

Participating Universities
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