Human Development Index Data

Human Development Index Data


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


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The first Human Development Report in 1990 began with a simple premise: “People are the real wealth of a nation.” Featuring its renowned Human Development Index (HDI), the most widely accepted alternative to purely economic measurements of national progress, the Report has consistently combined cutting-edge methodological innovation with policy analyses that put people at the centre of development. With the importance of the web, data visualization is now an important element to help us achieve this goal.

This data set traces the varying patterns of national progress in recent decades, documenting impressive long-term Human Development Index (HDI) gains even in most low-income countries. The data set also includes three innovative new measurements: the Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI), the Gender Inequality Index (GII) and the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). The data set is available in both CSV and SDMX file formats and contains more than 100 indicators that measure quality of life for all UN member states.

For free downloads of past global, regional and national Human Development Reports, visit our multilingual website: The website also features the popular ‘Let’s Talk Human Development’ blog, plus extensive new data resources, interactive indexing tools, and profiles of all 192 UN member state. The Human Development Report is an independent publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Its website is essential in promoting public discussion about development and exploration of statistical indicators through innovative data visualization.