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ChronoZoom Data_General


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ChronoZoom is an open source project that enables students, teachers and researchers to explore, create, and tell stories with timelines that span any period of time– from a single day to the beginning of the universe, 13.8 billion years ago.

When you visit ChronoZoom you will see a sample ‘Big History’ dataset. Students at UC Berkeley created this sample dataset where the project was originally conceived. The sample dataset also contains timelines created by students at University of Washington, University of Southern California, Brown University, Microsoft Research and the NAMES Foundation among others.

As of October, 2013 the ChronoZoom production database at has the following data:
• 1451 Timelines
• 1114 Exhibits
• 2603 Artifacts
For a total of 5168 objects.

The ChronoZoom test database (where the contest data is located) at has the following data:
• 198978 Timelines,
• 10203 Exhibits
• 34025 Artifacts
For a total of 243206 objects.

ChronoZoom does not store media itself, instead linking to the original media source on the web. Linked data can include videos, high-definition imagery, PDFs and other resources.The linked data includes basic bibliographic metadata such as source URL, author and descriptive text left by the timeline or event author. The default dataset also contains six climate data sets, spanning from the last 250 years of instrumental weather records back to 540 million years ago based on fossil records. Chart data can be visualized next to any timeline or event, and is stored using a simple CSV format.