By VisualAssessment, Apr 2
For years, national competitiveness has been measured in terms of economic growth and productivity. By incorporating metrics of sustainability, human development, and income into a single graphic, this visualization invites a new vision: It's time to rethink competitiveness in a resource-constrained world.
By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 30

Welcome to the second iteration of the Visualizing Q&A. From across the pond, we bring you the Dutch data hound, Jan Willem Tulp.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 28

As Japanese workers struggle to contain the risks of nuclear fallout, an elegant graphic reminds us that, yes, the dose makes the poison, but the speed of the dose is equally critical. 

By Visualizing, Mar 23

As part of our mission here at of helping the world make sense of complex issues through data and design, this spring we will start collaborating with leading media organizations around the world to bring your data visualizations to the masses every day.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 22

Congratulations to the winners of the Circle of Blue + Visualizing Urban Water Challenge — Joseph Bergen and Nickie Huang.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 22

This week marks the 5th birthday of Twitter, the micro-blogging platform whose meteoric rise has greased grassroots political movements, upended mainstream media, and opened a firehose of information-sharing — all giving the Visualizing community much to celebrate. 

By paulmay, Mar 16

Mapping seismic data to pitch and volume, designer Paul May transforms 30 days of earthquake data into an evocative auditory experience.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 14
In the days since the earth convulsed in Japan, the country has mobilized a massive rescue effort. Tracking Honda GPS units, this brilliant visualization of roadways by proxy is a dynamic map of mobility on the island and a tool for finding intact rescue routes.